Data-Core is a single-point business process outsourcing service provider. We address your business challenges by leveraging your existing process and applying industry best practices to offer solutions that significantly reduce costs, enhance effectiveness and optimize business processes.

Our BPO Services include data management and document processing for a wide range of business applications.

Mail Room Operations

Data-Core’s mailing services include maintenance and administration of P.O. boxes. Incoming mail enters through a secure area and relevant information is recorded in a mail receipt log. High-speed mail opening equipment is used to open and extract the mail. Documents are then reviewed and sorted into different categories. When documents need to be imaged, special attention and preparation is taken to ensure that they can be fed through the high-speed transport.

Image & Digitization

Using sophisticated high-speed systems, with variable resolution settings, Data-Core can create digital images from a wide variety of source documents, including business forms, facsimile, microfiche or microfilm. We offer duplex imaging and implements state of the art image processing techniques to automatically register, de-speckle and de-skew the digital image in order to deliver the highest quality.

Data Capture & OCR

Data-Core’s experience and expertise in data capture, including OCR/ICR, permits us to quickly determine the feasibility of various processing methods with the goal of delivering the highest degree of accuracy to our client. We approach each project with this thought in mind, utilizing automation to any degree possible to minimize cost without sacrificing quality.

Remittance Processing

Data-Core BPO offers wholesale and retail remittance processing services to simplify collections and processing. Specialized, high-speed remittance processing equipment is used for retail remittance processing to provide a highly automated and cost effective workflow to the client. Wholesale processing often requires a more specific client-oriented workflow.

Knowledge-Based Outsourcing

Using a combination of domain specific information and the data gathered, Data-Core performs a variety of tasks to arrive at business decisions for clients. This encompasses rules and parameter driven processing, decision making and data mining and expert systems.

Customer Interaction Services

Data-Core BPO call centers handle both inbound and outbound calling for a number of industry verticals. Inbound calls include client relations and help desks, while outbound calls are made to verify and complete membership or credit applications, including follow-ups to unresponsive mail offers.

Case Studies