The Client is dedicated to offering well-researched, empirically-supported and practical resources that provide mental health professionals and educators with treatments for working with children and adolescents. Data-Core set out to develop a learning management system (LMS) for this client that would deal with child anxiety symptoms through stories, quizzes, symptom checkers and information sections. The project was envisioned as an e-learning portal and a website that would be designed to help children cope with anxiety and angst. The website also provided tips from parents and experts on how to help children deal with anxiety.

Data-Core started out by developing a portal website with content-editing and updating sections that ensured easy operability. The features of the CMS included Web-based publishing, format management, revision control, indexing, search and retrieval. Furthermore, our Audio/Visual and Animation teams developed extensive 2D and 3D animation to be used as a study aid for the program based on content parameters provided by the Client.


Additionally, we developed a Sakai platform-based, SCORM-compliant LMS that allowed for the following functionalities:

  1. Availability of a symptom checker for registered users/parents.
  2. Access to information resources and reading chapters of the program (including video snippets).
  3. Tracking of the position of the user in the website. The user will be able to resume reading the chapter from where he or she stopped in the last log in session.
  4. Each chapter has an interactive quiz.
  5. Registered users/parents can manage their profiles and accounts.
  6. Users can manage their memberships/renewals with the program.
  7. Users have access to an online calendar to manage and keep track of their own personal schedules.
  8. Users have access to an online resource management system where they can store and retrieve their important information.
  9. Users also have access to the announcements made by the administrator of the LMS system.

Data-Core was able to deliver this cloud-hosted LMS portal, with a dynamic web interface and subject matter specific SCORM compliant content, precisely per project milestones. The Client was highly satisfied with the aesthetics and functionality of the application. The intuitive CMS ensured that site administrators were able to take complete ownership of the site during the training period. Cloud hosting this site has also ensured complete user data security, smooth streaming of media-rich content and negligible downtime. The Client was able to leverage this new medium of instruction — and consolidated web presence — into the highest subscription numbers in their history.