Data-Core provides a variety of IT and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services to the Government sector. Our offerings include:


Today’s technological needs evolve at the speed of light and existing systems are not always adaptable enough to meet the changing needs of the marketplace. At the same time, your existing legacy system may still meet the majority of the business user’s needs.

Government agencies are faced with this paradox every day; they are burdened with an existing functional legacy platform that has a growing cost of maintenance, a hardware platform that is not supported anymore and a system that does not integrate with new technology.

Data-Core offers complete consulting and application development services that are designed to help government agencies navigate legacy modernization projects with a focus on cost efficiency and quality. Our modernization solutions adopt a pathway that has minimal cost impact while delivering maximum returns in terms of investment. Our solution involves preserving the years of investment in the enhancement of the business application logic while allowing an agency to take advantage of the benefits associated with a modern technical architecture.

Data-Core not only has the capability to support your modernization initiative, but also to help you maintain your legacy systems. We have a large pool of resources experienced in supporting legacy systems.


Data-Core offers complete application development services designed with a focus on cost efficiency and quality. We understand that the keys to a successful engagement include understanding the business requirements, scoping and sizing the work, managing business and process change and following a structured methodology to ensure quality.

Technology is changing rapidly; as a result, project timeframes are very short and the supply of resources is limited. Our development and implementation teams offer practical, efficient and cost-effective practices that enable business change. Balancing technical and functional business experience, our consultants work side by side with the client, ensuring that the application solution most closely meets the exact requirements.

We are versed in a wide variety of technologies and platforms including methodology-based solutions, component-based development, Web services and enterprise application integration.Data-Core provides Custom Application Development services for all platforms, including Microsoft, JAVA/J2EE, Mainframe and Open-Source. Data-Core can, when needed, provide application development solutions by breaking up the tasks into their onshore and offshore components — thus significantly reducing development costs without sacrificing quality or timeliness.


Enterprises spend a lot of time and money on maintaining obsolete technologies. They expect their technology partners to maintain the application at optimum efficiency and minimum downtime. The key tasks of the partner include speedy response time to business changes as well as the knowledge to question redundancies.

At Data-Core, our offerings encompass a range of services for transitioning a client’s in-house application maintenance — from documenting an undocumented application, to taking ownership of the application, obtaining client requirements for enhancements, as well as making regular and periodic annual major and minor releases.

With minimum downtime and volatility, your applications stay optimally geared to provide rapid responses to key change requests and business requests.

We have a proven methodology for application maintenance including application, technical and functional support for existing and ongoing enhancements. We begin with corrective maintenance, evolving to adaptive, preventive and perfective maintenance. Our years of experience ensure that these maintenance services enhance application stability, lower support costs, reduce total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) and steer continuous service quality improvements.

Our processes include building simplified cross-referenced models that document application features. This also helps in mapping business processes to application portfolios, ensuring high levels of business-application understanding.


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