Data-Core specializes in IT and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services for the Media and Entertainment sector. Our offerings include:


In today’s fast paced, technology driven world, your publishing service partner makes all the difference. We provide a balance of flexible and best-cost publishing, a sophisticated operational platform, and a resource base that can be deployed rapidly to meet your unique and changing requirements.

Publishing Services

Content Services

From conception to completion, Data-Core delivers all the content you need for all media types, as per your expectations. Adhering to publishers’ specifications (or specifications supplied by our design team), we produce a flawless end product, delivered with a powerful combination of operational efficiencies that deliver shortened review and revision cycles, reduced production costs, compliance with specifications and accelerated go to market strategy.

  • Content Capture & Conversion
  • Typographic Services
  • XML and DTD/Schema Design
  • Content Tagging and QA
  • Abstracting and Indexing
  • Art Work & Graphics
  • Proofreading
  • Copyediting
  • Project Management

Mobile App & eBook Services

Data-Core’s specializes in content production and digital content development for multi-channel delivery to all mobile devices, such as eReader devices, smart phones and tablets. Our eBook production and App development services will help you meet your audience’s needs for mobile content, when and where they want it, and your need for high-quality, scalable and cost-effective delivery.

  • Editorial Analysis & Design
  • Digital Composition & Development
  • Testing & QA

Companies today are looking for a partner who can implement a process customized for their specific needs and at the same time manage to maintain the continuity of their work. Data-Core’s Media Intelligence professionals have experience in a wide range of services, with their technical expertise and client-focused approach delivering consistently superior results.

Reduce Your Resources Requirements by Two Thirds with Automation  

Data-Core has launched a newly developed AUTOMATION platform, called RUZIVO, revolutionizing the processes of segmentation, classification and annotation. This cloud bases solution utilizes Machine Learning and is a 24/7 operation. Data-Core can now provide more cost effective and timely data, which is then analyzed using the clients’ parameters. RUZIVO provides these services for all media types including online, print, TV, and radio. Making use of automation increases accuracy and slashes the number of man-hours needed, allowing for a reduction in resource requirements by a half to two thirds.

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Media Intelligence

Broadcast & Cable TV Monitoring

The advertisements are identified and segmented out manually, using a software proprietary to the Clients or provided by Data-Core. These identified advertisements are then mapped against an archive for duplicates. Any new advertisements identified are placed in a manual queue for classification and attribution. Data-Core has been outsourced the segmentation, mapping, classification, coding and attributing of broadcast advertisements placed in this manual queue. The process involves, in order of complexity:

  • Segmentation: identification of advertisements
  • Mapping: whether the advertisement is new or a repeat of an earlier advertisement
  • Classification/Coding: placing the advertisement in its relevant category
  • Quality assurance: verifying if the first two processes were executed correctly
  • Attributing: adding attributes to the advertisement in accordance with Client needs and requests

Online Ad Monitoring

Web-scraping software is used to identify advertisements appearing on the various web pages. Sometimes, the automated process identifies an advertisement as new due to varying sizes or orientations. Data-Core’s business process function is to isolate an advertisement material that has been identified by the, web-scraping software, trigger a search against an archived database, map its attributes from an existing duplicate advertisement, or mark it as new. If the advertisement is new, as most of them are, the operator goes to the next step — a creative attribution process — where the operator adds attributes such as Primary Advertiser, Co-op Partner, Competitor, Headline, a brief Advertisement Description, Celebrities and a Tag Line. The attribution process requires experienced operators, familiar with the domain and possessing good articulation skills.

Print Media Segmentation

Scanned pages of Newspapers and Magazines are accessed from a secure database. The mapping process with data from an archived database is done to eliminate duplicate advertisements. Our operators identify advertisements based on specific guidelines, and from those pages add attributes similar to online advertisements. In this manner, the client is able to identify any new advertisement appearing in a publication throughout the U.S. within a few days of the availability of the publication.

Radio Broadcasting Monitoring

In this kind of processing, our operators listen to broadcast material and do the following:

  • Provide fully transcribed (edited or unedited) material or summarized descriptions of the material.
  • Determine whether an advertisement is new by the “mapping” process.
  • Complete the creative attribution process as described above for all new advertisements.

Multilingual capability

Data-Core performs all of the above processes in all media in multiple languages: English, Spanish and French.


As consumers' content consumption habits change, advertisers are shifting their priorities from traditional media to the next big thing: mobile and digital platforms. Data-Core sees these industrychanges as chances for innovation, using modernized platforms and thorough analytics to best identify opportunities.


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