Spanning five generations since its founding in 1876, the Client is a privately-held, full-service security provider with national scope. The Client is the oldest security agency in America and today provides comprehensive, customized and integrated security services, technology, consulting, investigations and training. Its clients come from the industrial, residential, hospitality and entertainment industries.

The Client engaged Data-Core to implement a flexible, cost-effective, real-time system for gathering data about security guards and the tours and/or inspection questionnaires assigned to them.


Services Performed by Data-Core:

  1. Enabled the system to process QR code/NFC tag data, thus providing an alternative to the usage of expensive RFID tags.
  2. Scheduled Tours/Inspections and enabled “event-recurrence” like features (against ours/inspections), found in calendars, for periodic notification of guards in their android devices.
  3. Real-time location display of guards in pre-supplied tour-maps that have provision for adding markers against stops.
  4. Real-time status of the “stops” in a tour (visited, un-visited) were updated in the same maps.
  5. Tracked geographical locations (latitude-longitude) of guards/stops in Google-maps for verifications and cross-checking during actual guard visits.
  6. Developed a response driven questionnaire module that dynamically supplied sub-question/instruction structures based on the responses provided by the end user. The responses were received from android devices. Provision for optionally adding images against each response.
  7. Reported generations of tour visit data and inspection response data in .pdf formats comprised of pie charts, bar-graphs, and line-curves for statistical analysis.

The system is currently still evolving and new requirements are being submitted. The existing features have been tested and appreciated, and are being used by a select group of users until it is deployed for mass usage. The “Lite” version of the system (having a subset of the features listed above) is currently operational in the live production environment.