Data-Core Systems | Data is at the core of what we do

Our world is being re-imagined through Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Automation. Data-Core Systems is a digital transformation solution provider helping businesses reshape their future. We are a proven partner with a passion for client satisfaction, combining technology innovation, business process expertise and a global, collaborative workforce.

Our History

Data-Core Systems was incorporated in 1988 as a Delaware corporation and is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. In 2001, it added a BPS Services division, enabling the company to be a one-stop shop for clients needing IT and IT-enabled Business Processing Services from a single source.

In 2016 Data-Core Systems rebranded itself as Data-Core – The Automation Company, which is focused on New-Age Automation technologies. Our core specialty service is to provide best practices consulting, ROI and tool feasibility assessments without any vendor or technology bias.

Data-Core belongs to the Kuljian/DC Group, a diversified multinational conglomerate that is an outgrowth of the Kuljian Corporation, founded in 1930 and also headquartered in Philadelphia. The Kuljian/DC Group performs annually projects of around $2.5 billion and is a major global engineering and construction management firm.

Our Business Model

By leveraging our extensive R&D and Advisory & Transformation Services capabilities, Data-Core has engineered a multitude of tools and frameworks for many types of industries, ranging from test automation frameworks, AI-enabled business process workflows, automated security and DevOps frameworks. Data-Core creates solutions that provide real returns on clients' investments. For over 30 years, Data-Core has built its reputation on the timeliness, cost efficiency and quality of its projects.

Data-Core’s New Age Automation practice includes:

  • AutoML: Automated self-service AI and machine learning consulting practice
  • RPA: Leveraging Robotic/Intelligent Process Automation to decrease operating costs and improve efficiencies
  • Hyper Automation: Enabling a centralized automation framework to address both the entire SDLC as well as the disruption of connected devices and their respective data commonly referred to as IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Security Automation: Reducing manual effort and introducing an AI-enabled layer to your existing cybersecurity, penetration and vulnerability testing capabilities
  • Automation ROI Assessments: Trust our experienced advisors who have worked in multiple and diverse environments to assess your existing tools and frameworks and suggest where you will get the best return on your investment