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Finding the patterns in your data can transform your business. Tower with Data-Driven Business Decisions.

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Data Science helps you to find patterns in your data. Data-Core’s Advanced Analytics & Data Science services bring ideal and realistic solutions to complex business problems using the latest in data science techniques with exceptional business consulting skills.

Data Wrangling

Machine Learning and Business Analytics have gained technological interest over the years. One of the important aspects of machine learning and business analytics, yet often overlooked, is data preparation. One of the major challenges of data preparation is that it is a time consuming process, along with needing consistent effort to shape the data and make it valuable.

Data-Core focuses to change the stride of data preparation and fundamentally prepare clean understandable data. Taking that goal into consideration, Data-Core uses various data wrangling technologies that are suitable to serve this purpose. One of our expertise is Azure Machine Learning Workbench, which includes powerful data wrangling capabilities using productive data transformations, to prepare the data.

Along with Azure ML, Data-Core has acquired expertise in Azure Data Factory Services and Azure Data Lake Solutions. Our experts use Azure Data Factory services as their architecture framework, comprised of a component called dataflows that is easy to setup, use and build lightweight data processing pipelines. We also provide Azure Data Lake solutions and another aspect of data preparation within the data lake ecosystem: data ingestion. Data ingestion is a form of data wrangling that performs some level of sanitization on the data (structured and unstructured) and prepares the data before it is sent to the data lakes and used for reporting, analytics and predictive modeling purposes.

Lastly, Data-Core has extended their knowledge of data wrangling by schooling ourselves with the top data wrangling tool – Trifacta Wrangler. Our teams have gained expertise in the Trifacta Wrangler platform as the tool has proven to provide accurate and efficient data that is adaptable to different data sources, organizes and structures the data as soon as the dataset is imported in the tool, provides smart suggestions and processes the results suitable for data analytics and machine learning tools.

Data Wrangling Case Study


Data-Core’s analytics services incorporate the best of business consulting skills with the latest data science techniques to build innovative models and business solutions. Organizations worldwide are confronted now-a-days with vast volumes of data through online transactions, smart devices and people. This digital information provides an opportunity to every organization, big or small, to take advantage of advanced analytics to create new revenue streams, ensure cost savings and reshape their traditional business into a data-driven enterprise.

At Data-Core, we help organizations to generate, manage, and propagate data for all processes and applications. Our core strength is in building abstract models based on real-life business and commercial problems that are data-driven, cost-effective and intuitive to use. Our data management services are compatible with regulatory framework. Our generic or customized services involve operational, predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Business Intelligence

Data-Core provides the tools, expertise and best practices to ensure that a business intelligence solution and subsequent management decisions are based on a foundation of solid, meaningful data.

Data-Core provides a variety of Big Data and Business Intelligence Services for various industries. Each solution is custom-tailored to meet every business requirement in the most efficient way possible.

Aligning organizations toward key objectives and keeping track of Progress, Cost Reduction, Planning & Budgeting are the beginning of our BI Solutions. Our customers gain through:

  • Operational Cost Optimization
  • Accurate & Timely Decision Making
  • Understanding end Customer/User Behavior & Satisfaction
  • Analyzing Pattern or Trend (Year to Date/Month to Date)
  • Market Competitive Analysis
  • Supply Chain Management, Sales & Distribution Analysis
  • Business Performance Monitoring over a period of time
  • Demand Forecasting


Using Visualizations to tell the story of your data is very impactful. When done right, the images stand on their own, requiring no verbal explanation. Having a tool that uses nothing but hard data allows you to cut to the chase and move resolutions forward.

Data-Core has carefully chosen to Partner with Dundas, Microsoft and DOMO to offer Dundas BI, Power BI and DOMO as solutions for a customized, extended and programmable platform, supporting data visualization, reporting, scorecards, dashboards and analytics.

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Machine Learning

Understanding data has progressed to applying powerful learning algorithms to solve really complicated problems & analysis of future trends. This is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). While AI is going into the direction of mimicking human behavior & performing increasingly in a human manner, Machine Learning (ML) involves complex decision making capabilities & algorithms to arrive at a logical prediction. Data-Core helps in knowing customers’ data & analyzing trends to offer desirable insight for business advancement.


  • Regression
  • Decision Tree
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Neural Network
  • Naive Bayesian Techniques

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