Services We Provide

Data-Core’s development and consulting services help clients understand their business better. We offer solutions through business analytics, data warehousing with custom dashboards and metrics that helps improve business insight. We are a Gold Partner of Microsoft to bring visualizations through Power BI, a partner of Dundas Data Visualization allowing us to offer Dundas BI, which features extreme customization and a partner of DOMO, a solution that is highly user friendly. Data-Core supports Azure based cloud infrastructures and applications that include Machine Learning. BI and Visualization Services are Powered by these Partners, determined by clients’ specific needs.

Actionable Intelligence

With the help of IT solution partners, valuable insights can be derived from data for a competitive advantage.


A full control over data with spectacular dashboards, embedded analytics and a personal user experience help you solve real business problems.

End-to-end Platform

Dundas, Microsoft and DOMO all provide BI solutions that help your organization make appropriate decisions faster.


Actionable Intelligence

At Data-Core, we provide analytic solutions that turn complex data into expressive, easy to understand information. We enable our customers with crucial insights to anticipate, respond and take necessary action.

With the help of IT solution partners, valuable insights can be derived from data available for a competitive advantage. Data-Core provides the tools, knowledge and best practices to ensure that your BI solution and subsequent management decisions are based on a foundation of meaningful data visualization.

A gamut of Business Intelligence Services are available for diverse industries. Each solution is tailored to meet every business requirement in the most efficient way possible. Years of experience working on Dundas BI platform & 30 years in software development helps serve you better.

Data-Core offers fully programmable BI platform to deliver value within your applications. The Solutions offered can work with existing programs and provide a superior visual experience, or build an entire new data application from beginning.

As a trusted partner of Dundas, Microsoft and DOMO, Data-Core offers:

  • Flexibility:
  • Customize, integrate & extend with one complete programmable platform, for data integration, dashboard creation, reporting & analysis. Customize any way you want.
  • Data Visualization & Analysis:
  • Customizable & powerful visualization tools.
  • Enterprise Ready:
  • Ease of management with full control, security & Governance. The BI Solutions we offer are full enterprise tools with load balancing, scaling & multi-tenancy features.
  • Customization:
  • Data-Core has a strong development team ready for any customization.
  • Data integration services:
  • We help in bridging the gap between any existing & new application, offering a seamless experience.
  • Custom UI/UX development & Comprehensive White-Labeling:
  • Data-Core UI/UX SMEs help in changing theface of the default applications to reflect your business needs & branding.
  • Customer Service & Support:
  • We focus on customer business needs & a dedicated support team ensures minimum wait time.
  • Cloud Hosting:
  • As an additional support, Data-Coreoffers hosting services in MS Azure & other cloud platforms.
Dundas BI, Microsoft and DOMO have innovative, fully customizable, end-to-end business intelligence solutions. Using tailored self-service and powerful visualizations, these solutions are device independent and enable users with real-time data analytics and results from any data source.

End-to-end Solutions encompasses

  • Data Preparation
  • Analytics
  • Presentation
  • Collaboration

Some of the most powerful features of the Solutions we Offer:

  • Embedding
    • Display Dashboard page in a custom web page of another application
    • API integration: The BI Solutions of our Partners are fully programmable & offer a range of APIs for customization - Rest, JavaScript & .Net APIs
    • Security Embedding: Solutions support security embedding like using Active Directory feature (SSO)
    • White Labeling- re-designing and customizing the default front-end to a tailored UI of your choice
    • Reverse embedding – convenient implementation of third-party API like Maps & Weather Widgets
  • Multi-Tenancy to cater multiple customer bases through separate customer databases residing in the same server in complete isolation, accessing the same Visualizations
  • SAML based single sign-on (SSO) to multiple related but independent applications
  • Row level security results ina single dashboard displaying different data though custom user attribute & security
  • Self-Service experience allows business users to experience self-controlled environment that allows them to personalize their reports and create relevant and actionable content
  • Powerful, Responsive Visualizations with multiple layers of drill-down to data level