Data-Core offers customized blockchain services that ensure security of information and a reduction of costs.

Our Value Proposition:

  • Ensure transparency of information by distributing ledger across multi-organizational business networks
  • Establish a consensus process to keep rouge transactions out of the network
  • Data security and immutability
  • In-depth knowledge of Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) on Microsoft Azure

Our Approach:

At Data-Core, we provide a modular approach towards the blockchain solution architectures that address common issues of data protection, trust and performance.

  • Proof of Concept

    After conducting a requirements elicitation to understand the needs of the customer, we provide a proof of concept (POC) demonstration. This demonstration outlines a holistic approach of the proposed blockchain solution architecture and its benefits.
  • Scope of Work

    We create a well-defined scope of work that is then reviewed and approved by the customer. Once the customer gives approval, the project moves to the development phase. In the development phase, milestones are set to ensure the overall scope of the project is addressed in a feasible manner.
  • Test Phase

    Finally, Data-Core sets up a test phase that enables the customer to closely monitor the solution and gain hands-on experience handling the underlying blockchain platform.

Data-Core believes in happy customer experiences. We ensure that the customer is involved in every step from performing user-acceptance testing on the operational model to agreeing on the implementation of the blockchain solution before the final deployment and release of the commercial blockchain solution.

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