Analytics Reporting for Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Analytics Reporting using Business Intelligence, Reporting Tools & Informix Database

Who is the Client?

The Client is a privately held, solely owned and independent company in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry, offering a full line of Pharmacy Benefit Management Solutions for employers, hospitals, hospices, brokers, and third-party administrators.

What was the Client trying to achieve?

The Client was looking to generate analytical business reports using certain parameters for their Pharmacy Benefit Management solutions, in both visual and printable formats.

Quarterly business reports

What services did Data-Core provide?

Data-Core provided the Client Quarterly Business Intelligence reports to analyze and visualize their business efficiently. The reports were used for improving plan performance through data analytics. Per client specifications, various data comparisons, graphs, dashboards, reports and listings were created such as:

Improving plan performance
through analytics

What stand-out points are there from these services?

Data-Core was able to create complex database queries to meet the client’s reporting requirements, with 25 pages of reports with over 20 graphs, 10 listings, 5 analytical data comparisons and 4 yearly summaries.

Complex database queries

In Summary…

Phase I of the Pharmacy Benefits Manager Reports was completed successfully and on time, resulting in Data-Core being awarded Phase II of the project. Phase II of the project includes the development, integration and implementation 340B quarterly reporting. The project has been an overall success for Data-Core and the client.

Data-Core awarded Phase II
of the project