Auto Financing Group

Uninterrupted Redirection of Hundreds of Interfaces

Who is the Client?

The Client is the auto financing group for two major car manufacturers. The Client makes loans to the public for buying new vehicles and also makes financing available for vehicle leases.

What was the client’s need?

The two car manufacturers replaced their retail and lease systems with next-generation technology. As a part of this project, all the functionality existing in their legacy systems was transferred to the new system. There were more than 400 existing interfaces between internal and external systems that had to be redirected to the new auto finance system. TIBCO BW was used to achieve the project objectives.

400+ Existing interfaces redirected to
new system

What services did Data-Core provide?

The following tasks were performed by Data-Core:

Designed TIBCO interfaces


The successful completion of the project resulted in a fully integrated auto finance system for these major car manufacturers and improved visibility of the entire finance supply chain, both internally and externally. The quality of the data improved throughout the process and the new system could scale to handle the transactions the manufacturers are expecting during their planning horizon.

Fully integrated auto finance system

Data quality improved