Automated Testing/Professional Services

Implementing Automation & Dashboards = Saving Client Time & Money

Who is the Client and what was their initial problem?

A multinational Engineering firm faced system failures, obstacles in time efficiency and a lack of ability to run reports for all areas of data. Data-Core stepped in to provide solutions for Staffing, Automatic Payroll and Monitoring Dashboards. They also handled any program or application failures accompanying integration.

What services did Data-Core provide?

DIS Dashboards:
Data-Core implemented centralized DIS dashboards to monitor activities of all applications and their respective Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Previously, analyzing the complete data set was impossible due to separate filtration. The implemented dashboards now give rich functionality to view logs of all APIs in use by the client.

Solutions for Staffing, Automatic
Payroll and Monitoring Dashboards


The client was spending excessive man-hours manually inputting payroll into multiple ERP systems, including ADP G/L, and was encountering data entry errors. Due to Data-Core’s efforts, all actions are now implemented using Representational State Transfer (ReST) API. The information is cacheable, improving both efficiency and cost.


Data-Core’s IT engineers customized a Hangfire scheduler to execute the APIs.

Team Foundation Server (TFS) Selenium Integration:

Data-Core automated the testing activities for all UI applications and APIs. The product is delivered on time with enhanced quality of each patch and release. With the integration, manual intervention is not required to test the existing functionality of each build.

On-time Delivery


Bullhorn Web Portal Automation:

Data-Core developed an automation framework for the client to easily migrate their staffing data in Bullhorn, a third-party application. The client reduced both time needed for the task and man-hours, a total decrease from 200 to 40 hours. Completed entirely by the framework, the remainder of the job does not require any man-hours.

Data-Core is now engaged for continuous support on:

80% fewer man-hours per data input

In Summary:

The Client decreased time and cost on several essential functions. Data-Core continues to provide production support, enhancements and change request implementation for ATS, MRI, Generic File Processes and ADP G/L products.

Decreased Time and Cost