Digital Transformation for Major US City

Digital transformation, application development, support and maintenance for a City Department of Records

Who is the client?

The client is a large city in the United States that was looking for a way to let the public submit applications online, with authorized ID proof, and upon the Department of Records’ approval, could purchase their traffic incident reports online. In addition, the city wanted to allow law firms to register for a corporate partnership with the Department of Records, and upon approval, be able to purchase traffic incident reports for their customers.


What was the client’s objective?

The goal was a digital transformation that would replace a manual paper based system with a modern, web-based platform.


What services did Data-Core provide?

Data-Core developed the application for 2 different modules – one was for Corporate Partners of the Department of Records, who manage their own record purchase process using ESCROW fund, and the second one was for the public who can purchase traffic incident reports from the Records Department.


What was challenging about solving the client’s problem?

The Corporate Partners module had a huge backlog of data, which Data-Core Systems was able to incorporate into the system seamlessly, which saved the Department of Records staff enormous effort. Individual modules quickly became both important and effective due to COVID- 19. Individuals can now avoid coming in person to pick up their records, eliminating the need to wait in long, crowded lines.

web-based platform

What additional services did Data-Core provide?

Data-Core provided continuous support on publication issues, enhancements, change requests, as well as analysis and fixing of integration issues due to changes in the external interfaces such as OnBase API Service, Payment Gateway, etc.


What tools did Data-Core use?

Data-Core completed the implementation of Azure Cognitive Translator in the portal, which provides a multi-lingual feature. Individuals can select Chinese, French, Spanish, as well as other language, to complete their application and record their purchase process through the portal.



The product was delivered on time and met all the requirements that the client requested. As a result Data-Core is continuing with the production support, enhancements and change request implementation for the accident report portal. Data-Core received feedback from the client that the paperless p/urchasing process has been a huge benefit during COVID-19, estimating daily paper mail down approximately 75-80% for accident reports since going live.

Azure Cognitive Translator in the