Government Sponsored Enterprise

Who is the client and what was their initial need?

The customer is a government-sponsored financial enterprise in Southeast Asia. It is an integral part of the government-led initiative to spur economic development. The customer’s primary objective was to rejuvenate the government-linked companies (GLCs) and turn them into world-class organizations. The primary target of the customer was to streamline Human Capital Management (HCM) with Business Process Harmonization and Global Template Development through SAP – S/4 HANA Interface.

Increase profitability by attaining
efficiency in HR functions

What services did Data-Core provide?

Data-Core suggested a solution that amalgamated classical SAP HCM module landscape with S4 HANA landscape which was the most critical part of the solution. The solution integrated processes, people and data in SAP’s new weaver environment (HR Renewal 2.0) instead of using classical ESS/MSS. Thus, the application obtained a solid platform for open application integration and thereby helped the organization to adopt scale of operations easily. Data-Core also implemented an HR module to standardize HR processes like Organization Management, Personnel Administration, Training& Event Management etc. Data-Core standardized the customer’s business practices with SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions or SAP RDS

Implementation of HR Renewal 2.0

The Financial Prediction Model

A complete SAP HCM (on premisess) project was planned and developed through SAP AGILE Methodology within 6 months. Data-Core implemented SAP HCM (on premisess) in 5 months. Post-implementation, Data-Core provided Hypercare support for 3 months and general support for 9 months to make sure the system is stabilized.

Successful End-to-End
Implementation ensured on time Go-Live

In Summary…

Data-Core worked closely with the customer to strategize and provided solutions that supported their growth strategy and helped them harmonize the business processes.The successful go-live plan with a smooth, zero business disruption transition to the new system, demonstrated Data-Core’s SAP skills, comprehensive planning and flawless execution. The clean transition allowed the customer to accomplish their SAP upgrade without any hassle. Data-Core’s documentation of Business Blue Print, End User Training Manual, and Functional and Technical Specifications proved to be very helpful to the customer’s ongoing operations.