Machine Learning

Application of Machine Learning for Law Firm

Who is the client?

The client is a large law firm looking for a way to predict which attorneys would be successful within the organization.

What was the client’s objective?

The objective was to create a prediction model from data on existing employees and segregate that based on disparate clusters of high, medium, and low performance. This model, when applied to prospective employees or new candidates, could profile them as high, medium,or low performers and thus assisting in the hiring decision making.

Disparate clusters of high, medium,
and low performance

What services did Data-Core provide?

Data-Core provided an end-to-end data science solution for the problem. We were given the case to solve and the data as the fodder for the analysis. Our team started with the data understanding in tandem with the business analysis, followed by a thorough cleaning and preprocessing of the data to make it actionable and creating the ML models from the clean data. A descriptive analysis was performed to have a better view of the data provided and create a backdrop for a comparative study of our prediction vs the reality.

What was challenging about solving the client’s problem?

The prime challenge was the dearth of data. The prediction was to be based on the employees’ data that was available, which was highly insufficient for performing unsupervised learning. Our team performed Data Augmentation processes to ramp up the data volume before the ML model could be created.

What stand-out points are there from these services?

The whole project was completed in a matter of 12 days which is a feat in itself. This quickly led to Data-Core and the law firm starting conversations on the prospective business areas that might require predictive understanding and automation to improve operations throughout the firm.

End-to-end data science solution

What additional services did Data-Core provide?

Data-Core provided a complete analysis report along with the predictions sought. The report provided a 360-degree view of the whole course of action and thought process that went into generating the ML model. The report was presented to the law firms’ C-level employees who appreciated the approach and suggested further collaboration on similar cases.

What stand-out points are there from these services?

The report provided a holistic view of the methodologies and approach used for the analysis which instilled trust in the prediction results.


The Machine Learning model, once deployed at scale, improved the hiring process of the law firm by more than 50%, eliminating cost and time overheads spent in the process of recruiting.

The project was praised for its accuracy and the possibilities it showed. Not only was the project completed on time but the project also opened up business opportunities for Data-Core. The law firm offered to work with Data-Core to continue the project on a larger scale, as well as address other automation needs.

Hiring process improved by 50%