Publishing Services Outsourcing for a
global leader in Intelligent Document Processing

End-to-end publishing solutions including Delivery of final print-ready files with complete set of application package

Who is the client?

The client is a premier US-based publishing company and a global leader in Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). Codemantra serves in publishing, financial services, government, public sectors, nonprofits, and K-12 and higher education in all over the world.

Data-Core has been associated with
client for Publishing Services Outsourcing.

Outsourced Process:

Objective: Publish 50,000 – 70,000 TSP
per annum.


Client Benefit:

We executed the typesetting projects at the beginning of the process in a high satisfactory turnaround time with the utmost quality product. Thereafter, we were awarded with regular end to end typesetting projects for a continuous process.