Retail Big Data

Retail Client fosters business success for local specialty retailers, and for their partner suppliers, by providing the tools, technologies, and know-how that help them effectively compete with large retail chains and online-only operations that do not share the same local commitments and

The Client was looking to build an Industry Data Exchange for the bicycle industry. The purpose of this solution was to organize and unite the fragmented industry with the technical capability to compete with large, sophisticated businesses in the market. The solution was to serve organizations committed to the specialty industry and the array of user requirements within each organization. This required the development of a technical solution that would meet all of the Client’s business requirements.

Developed on a cloud-based infrastructure

The following services were performed by Data-Core Systems to achieve the Client’s objectives:

Structured and unstructured data

Implemented in 4 months

Data-Core was able to provide the Client with a Big Data and Business Intelligence solution that met all of their specific requirements. Using a combination of best-in-class tools, Data- Core was able to deliver this solution by an ambitious deadline.

Combination of best-in-class tools