This City’s Revenue Department is participating in the Federal/State Modernized e-File (MeF) program, under the IRS Modernized e-File architecture. The City’s Revenue Department is supporting BIRT EZ, BIRT Long and NPT tax forms for the year 2013. This initiative was taken up with the aim of obtaining more city tax submissions and to remove the overhead of manual intervention involved in paper returns. MeF uses new architecture for electronic filing and introduces a largely automated, real-time and scalable e-file system. Data-Core executed the design and development of this MeF project.

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Data-Core Systems has successfully developed a fully automated system under the IRS Modernized e-File architecture for the Revenue Department of this City. With the MeF system not yet implemented by several cities, Data-Core worked efficiently to accumulate a complete insight about the system, overcoming various conceptual constraints.

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