Travel & Transportation

Since opening shop in New York in the 1930’s, this Client has become the leading authority of European rail in North America, representing more than 35 European railroads. They currently help more than one million visitors each year discover the rich heritage and scenic landscapes of Europe by train.

The objective was to build a a high-performance, next generation distribution system to use J2EE technologies, enhance user experiences and improve performance. These improvements included reducing booking time of its call center agents and offering core technological services to its customers. This created new revenue opportunities through the deployment of additional services such as web services, and improvement of existing websites.

Standardized J2EE platform on Borland Enterprise Server

Improved websites

The following tasks were performed by Data-Core to achieve the project’s objective:

Architecture assessment completed in 8 weeks

Updated existing code

As a result of this project, the Client improved the time to market. The open standards-based architecture allows for the virtual, seamless provisioning of new services and integrates applications from third-parties for future growth. Better system performance has also helped the Client attain higher sales targets by reducing time taken to make a reservation. Data-Core continues to be the primary vendor for these engagements and provides architecture and implementation services.

Time to market improved

Client now meets higher sale targets