Moving Forward: Retiring a Legacy System

Who is the client?

This Client offers the best attributes of first generation mobile advertisement networks — premium mobile sites, brand safety, custom execution and managed services. These mobile advertising networks are enhanced by cutting-edge, data-driven technology including RTB and real-time, data-driven predictive modeling. The Client’s RTLM “learns” from incoming bid requests and builds and modifies predictive models as it learns. It can then apply such models in live campaigns to match each mobile advertisement with the optimum mobile impression.

What was the client’s initial need?

The objective was to design a demand-side mobile advertising platform using TIBCO BusinessEvents, as the existing system developed in .NET was not scalable to the anticipated throughput. The .NET system was able to process roughly 2,000 requests/second and serve 3 advertisement exchanges. With TIBCO BusinessEvents, the aim was to scale to 40,000 requests/ second, with four advertisement exchanges in the short term. In the long term, the aim is to scale to 100,000 requests/second, with five ad exchanges.

Design a demand-side mobile advertising platform using TIBCO Business Events

What services did Data-Core provide?

Data-Core performed the following tasks:
  • Engaged in development tasks for augmenting data coming from various data sources and integration of advertisement exchange in TIBCO BusinessEvents, TIBCO BusinessWorks and TIBCO EMS.
  • Executed performance testing and monitoring of the system using various tools like JMeter, VisualVM and AB.
  • Set up the production environment and deployment scripts using an EMS based domain and scripted deployment in UAT and Production.
  • Established the monitoring and alerting system in Production using TIBCO Hawk.
  • Launched the reporting and analytics system in Production using TIBCO Spotfire.

Scaled request processing capacity by 20x

In Summary:

As a result of this project, the Client was able to retire its legacy system, which could not process the increased number of requests. The new in-house developed TIBCO-based platform was able to scale to the greater volumes of transactions and enabled the Client to greatly increase the size of its business and remain a leader of this dynamic and exciting new service.

Increased number of ad exchanges

Implemented monitoring, reporting and analytics systems