Sophisticated Analytics Viewed in Clear Dashboards Drives Home Meaning & Leads to Machine Learning Enabled Predictive Analytics

Who is the client?

The Client is a leader in providing professional parking services for cities and universities in the United States. Their specialties include processing in-state and out-of-state parking citations, permits, revenue collections, offering mobile solutions and facilitating municipal partnerships.

What was the client trying to achieve?

The client was in need of viewing and presenting parking insights in meaningful and industry standard visualizations.

Interactive dashboards answer
ad hoc inquiries

What services did Data-Core provide?

Data-Core provided interactive & integrated dashboards, reports and maps in Dundas BI.

  • Dashboards for Admin user, Tenant users, and API URLs
  • Visualizations compare citations agency wide, over a period of time, by violation code, by officers
  • Chart ranking officers, violations and locations where citations have been maximum
  • Heat maps and street maps combined, plotting violations
  • Gap reports
  • User guide videos including activity reports and mapping dashboards


Best & exciting real-time experience for end users

Stand-out points from providing these services:

  • Visualizations were provided for history data as well as real time data.
  • KPIs are shown on the maps, plotting the latest on-line citation issued for best and exciting real-time experience for end users.
  • Complex customized cascading filter panel was added to meet needs and enhance the reporting experience.

The project progressed to Predictive Analytics via Machine Learning using Python Script for monthly forecasting of parking insights and shown in dashboards.

Implemented monthly forecasting using:

  • trend and forecasting functions to calculate regression line (or line of best fit) then applied to a time series to forecast future values
  • exponential smoothing function to apply an exponentially-decreasing weight to historical data in order to forecast future values based on emerging trends

In Summary…

This is an on-going project with monthly predictive analytics and new financial and statistical dashboards are in progress. The client continues to find great value in Data-Core’s work.

Visualization work leads to predictive analytics via machine learning