The Client is a charitable nonprofit healthcare organization formed in a November 2012 merger. The Network, which dates back to 1899, now comprises three hospitals, four multi-specialty health centers and a total of more than 60 locations.

The Client was using its existing data warehouse extensively for its healthcare operation, but is not happy with the speed or the accuracy of the query results. The Client engaged Data-Core Systems to analyze and then modify several data cubes inside its existing healthcare data warehouse.

Client was also unhappy with their current SharePoint dashboard display & performance

The following tasks were performed by Data-Core:

  • Analyzed the entire OLAP database on healthcare vertical.
  • Tuned cubes for different datamarts with built-up year partitioning and aggregation logic.
  • Built aggregation logic for storing millions of pieces of data in cube database for faster performance.
  • Distributed storage and processed structured and unstructured data using Hadoop (Hortonworks)

A SharePoint Dashboard rebuild also involved the following:

  • KPI detail report using dashboard designer
  • Create Excel service report using dashboard designer

Doubled MDX query processing

As a result of this project, the Client improved its cube performance for better execution and reduced loading time. New dashboard reports and a better system performance has also helped the Client to make better decisions for its organization, resulting in more efficiency overall. Data-Core continues to be the vendor for these engagements and provides architecture and implementation services.

New dashboard reports & better system performance

Increased efficiency