With roots dating back over 160 years, the Client is keenly focused on their mission: to be the premier provider of protection, investment and income solutions needed for financial and retirement security. The Client’s commitment to helping millions of Americans achieve financial peace of mind has never been greater and the opportunities in the they serve have never been richer.

The Client wished to implement a flexible, cost-effective, real-time system for handling large amounts of data. The Company also needed to consolidate five data centers into two. Finally, a SAP version upgrade was necessary to activate SAP Business Process and Consolidation.

Consolidated 5 data centers into 2

SAP version upgrade

Services performed by Data-Core SAP BASIS consultants:

  • Performed HANA implementation with SAP HANA implementation team.
  • SAP HANA 1.0 Revision 53, SAP BOBJ 4.0 SP03, SLT NW 7.02 DMIS and Data Services 4.0 Implementation.
  • Performed data center migration activities.
  • Performed System Landscape Optimization on migrated landscape.
  • Performed SAP NW BI 7.00 EHP1 to 7.30 Upgrade.
  • Performed Production support activities, including SAP Kernel upgrade, support package upgrade, parameter tuning, and all SAP-related lights-on activities.

SAP HANA implementation

Data center migration

SAP HANA installation provided a flexible, cost-effective, real-time approach for managing large data volumes, allowing the Client to dramatically reduce its hardware and maintenance costs. The Client also consolidated five data centers into two, reducing total cost of ownership (TCO), helping its enterprise and service providers maintain market leadership, increase business agility, and meet regulatory and future growth requirements.

Increased business agility

Reduced TCO