The Client is the market research, insight and consultancy division of a UK-based media conglomerate, counted amongst the top 5 industry players in every delivery medium. They provide media organizations with a richer understanding of consumer behavior offline and online and a deeper understanding of how to target them more effectively. They help organizations manage crises, boost their share of voice and monitor their competitors’ media presence. The Client also provides advice on improving brand messaging in advertising.

Data-Core’s objective was to develop a tool that compared advertisement prices amongst competing advertisers and across multiple mediums. This required the management and analysis of a large number of unstructured Big- Data sets from multiple sources, including thousands of scanned physical documents.

Analyzed a large number of Big Data sets

The following services were performed by Data-Core Systems to achieve the Client’s objectives:

  • Using the SQL Server 2012 BI tool functionality and Microsoft BI suite we developed a custom application, leveraging Hadoop BI and Horton works to glean insight from a large volume of data
  • We developed a sophisticated front end UI, with a user-hierarchy defined dashboard of ETL facilities, incorporating SSIS, SSAS and SSRS (SQL Server integration, analysis and reporting services), using Microsoft .NET as our platform
  • We incorporated flexible search and reporting capabilities across the entire reporting spectrum, from regular production to Ad-hoc reports
  • An additional advantage of the Microsoft BI suite was that unique ‘cubes’ could be used to deliver customized intelligence to a variety of business users across the organization

Flexible search and reporting

Customized intelligence

The application was effectively deployed with complete client satisfaction and successful user acceptance. Complex ad-hoc reports can now be generated with minimal page load times. With the success of this project, the Client is now considering the option of integrating this application with their ERP to deliver actionable intelligence about price points and revenue in real time.

Complex ad-hoc reporting

Minimal page load times