Fast & Reliable Solution for Travel & Expenses

Who is the client?

The client is the world’s leading provider of integrated travel and expense management services and solutions. Their cloud-based solutions deliver total transparency into travel spending.

What was the need of Client?

The client needed Salesforce and Oracle Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ)development work done for Sales Cloud, Customer Service and Support, Professional Services, Oracle Product Configurator and Pricing Engine.

Cloud-based Solution

Total Transparency

Services Performed by Data-Core:

  • Implemented integration between Sales Cloud and Oracle CPQ, which resulted in auto creation of additional orders in CPQ, opportunity and quote synchronization.
  • Implemented custom commissions framework in Sales Cloud where reps could submit opportunities, which would then be approved by the commissions team.
  • Enhancements were completed on Professional Services application in Salesforce including Project, Budget and Timesheet management.
  • Enhancements were completed on Customer Service and Advocacy application including custom components on Customer Portal and implementation of Single Sign On using OAuth 2.0 with the company portal.
  • Built product configurators on Oracle CPQ.
  • Multiple enhancements were completed on Pricing and approval engines in Oracle CPQ Commerce.
  • Built various document outputs in pdf and word using Document Engine of Oracle CPQ.

Sales Cloud and Oracle CPQ

OAuth 2.0

In Summary:

Data-Core Systems has successfully developed integrations and enhancements which have greatly improved user experience and workflow.

Single Sign on

Improved User Experience