Data-Core Systems’ Auto-ML Platform

By Data-Core Systems | December 29, 2022

Machine Learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) which provides the ability to produce desired results through adaptive learning and continuous improvement of processes through prior experience.

In recent times, the demand of data science and machine learning has increased in such a way that it has outpaced the avialbility of highly skilled Data Scientists and Machine Learning experts. For this reason, the area of ML remained inaccessible and highly expensive. Predictive data analysis was out of reach for businesses with small IT budgets, SMEs, independent professionals, journalists, social activists, etc.

The increasing demand of data science is responsible for the big strides in developing user-friendly machine learning software that can be utilized by non-experts. Automated machine learning (AutoML) came into the picture to automatically find and train machine learning models so the models no longer need to created by ML Experts — The AutoML Algorithms will analyze your data and pick the best model for you. AutoML also takes out the need for hyperparameter tuning and data augmentation.

There is still a fair bit of knowledge and background in data science that is required to produce high-performing machine learning models with a better accuracy %, but in most cases AutoML will suffice the industry need of predictive or perspective analysis.

Data-Core Systems’ developers and ML experts created a platform so everyone can access and afford Machine Learning. With the AutoML platform, businesses and individuals can create their individual ML solutions without the knowledge of complex ML Algorithms.

Data-Core’s cloud based AutoML platform can be integrated with leading standard AutoML providers in the Industry, currently supporting Azure, Google, H20.ai AutoMLs – helping circumvent technical obstacles and providing an easy and concise way to develop your own AI and ML solutions.

Data-Core Systems has created the platform with a Build Your Own approach.

  • This approach allows customers to control parameters, tuning, machine learning operations and model assessment through our proprietary solution. This type of autoML platform allows hyperpersonalized augmentation. Customers can use SigOpt for parameter tuning and Algorithmia or ParallelM for MLOps if they require the customization.
  • This platform is also very user-friendly and can be operated by people with limited statistical knowledge. To build AI/ML solution in our platform does not require in-depth understanding of data for data preparation and data modelling activities done inside ML studio. The process does not even need the knowledge of complex algorithms to monitor and tune ML for better accuracy.
  • Data-Core Systems’ cloud based AutoML platform is integrated with leading standard AutoML providers of the Industry like – Azure, Google, H2O.ai. This will help you feed your raw data and get your own AI and ML solutions from 3 different providers, as mentioned above.
  • This will not only help you get your ML results from a single AutoML platform, but also with the comparison of data accuracy from three other leading AutoML providers. A single effort of providing your dataset will show you the wide range of data models from Azure, Google and H2O.ai through our service platform.
  • This will enable you to select the model of your choice and compare data accuracy using different models which is ultimately helping you reduce risk factors in prediction.
  • Customers can eliminate tedious tasks, such as testing different ML approaches on the same data set to evaluate model performance.

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