Enterprise Resource Planning

Data-Core's cloud-based, trusted ERP system provides improved performance metrics, a single point of ownership and intelligent analytical insights.

Data-Core has a full ERP practice to help your company or organization:

Plans can comprise of:

Data-Core will:


Data-Core manages your SAP applications and support services.


As a Gold Partner, Data-Core works closely with both Microsoft and our clients to deliver optimized processes.


Data-Core uses Salesforce to bring pre-configured, industry-specific solutions for our clients.

Cloud vs. On-Premise

Today, cloud solutions accommodate cost and flexibility. If for security or other reasons, it is decided that locally installed software is best, we fully support on-premise architecture as well.


As a part of the complete ERP package, analytics is now an important and extremely valuable function. With large, off-the-shelf ERP systems, it is now common for an analytics feature to be included. If the available reporting and dashboard functions do not meet your needs, we will incorporate an additional software to create custom dashboards and reporting components. Data-Core will even take it to the next level by incorporating Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics! The possibilities are endless.