History depicts that Engineering for any industry, has been an intellectual property and hence treated with utmost confidentiality without scope of mutual collaboration.

The scenario has changed gradually with increasing global competition and demand for reduced product lifecycle. This has forced many companies to modify their business strategies to retain their market shares. Organizations now a days welcome business partners who are domain specialists who can efficiently contribute to accelerate time to market, minimizea product development life cycle and optimize engineering operations.


Now a days, EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) organizations leverage engineering service providers for tactical engineering support. This is done by outsourcing engineering services to organizations that concentrate only on the detailed engineering of industrial plants. This in turn reduces cost and delivery time of large and complex projects.

Data-Core is a group associate of Development Consultants Private Limited (DCPL) - a transnational engineering conglomerate with 1600+ major engineering projects in 56 countries. Hence, Data-Core is ideally positioned on the global map to render high quality deliverables.