Data-Core’s Healthcare Practice

Data-Core works continuously to fill the gaps and ease the pain points their clients are experiencing. Our greatest accomplishments have come out of clients’ needs that have not yet been met, but we are able to fulfill. Software is customized and workflow is adjusted until there are no gaps, holes or inefficiencies.

The work we do for Healthcare is shaped like a triangle. Each layer represented is important to the overall prosperity of your organization. At the base is everything that incorporates Revenue Cycle as this is fundamental to your organization’s existence. Building on RevCycle is Patient Engagement; the conversations necessary to keep patients involved and active insustaining or improving their health. Effective communication is a must in the shift to value based care. One level up we denote Claims Processing; in the modern world of healthcare, efficiently processing claims is what keeps the engine running by rebuilding cash flow. Solutions at the top are the latest technologies such as Predictive Analytics, in-line with the current Healthcare movement of embracing Population Health. The base,and all other pieces built upon,must be solid so the information funneled to the top is accurate as they are the building blocks for powerful analytics.

Revenue Cycle

Data-Core Healthcare takes any piece of the Revenue Cycle off-premise so your staff can maximize their work-time.

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Patient Engagement

Patient involvement is the key to a swift recovery and sustaining health. Patient participation is the cornerstone for hospitals to improve their satisfaction scores, get paid and to lower their costs. Our solutions make the conversations easy for both providers and participants.

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Population Health

If hospitals prioritize and focus on the riskiest segment of their patient population, expenditures can be controlled. Our analytics enable hospitals to learn the unique narrative of who makes up this segment.

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Patient Chart Digitization

It is a fact that a small percent of Physician offices still have paper charts. If you are in this category, Data-Core is a ready and experienced partner.


Claims Processing

Each day Data-Core receives both hard copy and images of Claim forms to process. High-speed, flat-bed scanners are utilized to digitize the hard copy Claim forms. Nimbus, Data-Core’s proprietary Claims Processing Software, is used to key-in and validate required fields per client guidelines.

Nimbus is also offered (in a SaaS model) to businesses that need to keep the claims processing in-house. We will customize the software to fit your exact needs from an end-user point of view.


Call Centers

Even with the most up to date technology, there are still times when human contact is the most appropriate communication. From reminders, A/R follow-up, re-certification and more, our outbound call centers take a time-consuming process off your hospital’s to do list.


Integration, Legacy Systems and Cloud Services

One of Data-Core’s strengths is widespread experience with different systems. We are confident that no matter what systems your organization has in use, we can integrate, upgrade and/or transition to the cloud.

All services can be can completed by our onshore and/or overseas workforce, depending on budget constraints and client requirements. We regularly operate on a 24x5 schedule but 24x6 and 24x7 operations are also possible depending on project requirements.


Medical Claim Data Management

Using NIMBUS, Data-Core’s cloud-based, medical claim data capture and tracking system, we offer a complete cloud solution and services for processing Medicare and Medicaid claims on the payer side.

More about NIMBUS and our Medical Claim Data Management Services