Over the years we have acquired expertise across various industries and sectors, which has allowed us to tackle a variety of complex business challenges.


Your commitment to quality care is parallel to our commitment to streamlining your revenue cycle management, claims processing and more.


Whether it’s modernizing your legacy systems or implementing an electronic filing system, we can make government records more accessible and useful.


Our services will be the building blocks for the sustainability of your manufacturing business.

Travel & Transportation

From application development to business intelligences services we can help you keep your business moving forward — and your customers will travel farther too.


A powerful growth of Education is being witnessed globally, especially in fast emerging and developing nations.

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

Our product and application development offerings help you stay ahead in the banking domain.

Media & Entertainment

No matter the medium or the message, our media intelligence services can help you focus on the more entertaining parts of the industry.


Data-Core has a proven track record in managing editorial and production processes, always working with the publishers’ interests in mind.


Solutions and Services for the Retail Industry including Customer 360, Supply Chain, Omni-Channel & AI powered Big Data Analytics