Services We Provide

Data-Core provides a variety of Media Intelligence Services to the Media and Entertainment Industry. Our MI Services make use of Automated Processes and include Analytics for advantageous competitive knowledge.

Media Intelligence

Data-Core has niche expertise in the Media Intelligence space, offering customized and accurate results.

Automated Processes

Data-Core’s RUZIVO platform automates Segmentation, Classification and Attribution

Quality Review & Analytics

Data-Core is laser focused on accuracy and easily interpreted information.

Companies today are looking for a partner who can implement a process customized for their specific needs and at the same time manage to maintain the continuity of their work. Data-Core’s Media Intelligence professionals have experience in a wide range of services, with their technical expertise and client-focused approach delivering consistently superior results.

Media Intelligence

Broadcast & Cable TV Monitoring

The advertisements are identified and segmented, using a software proprietary to the Clients or provided by Data-Core. These identified advertisements are then mapped against an archive for duplicates. Any new advertisements identified are placed in a queue for classification and attribution.

The process involves:

  • Segmentation:
  • Identification of advertisements
  • Mapping:
  • Whether the advertisement is new or a repeat of an earlier advertisement
  • Classification:
  • Placing the advertisement in its relevant category
  • Quality Assurance:
  • Verifying if the first two processes were executed correctly
  • Attribution:
  • Adding attributes to the advertisement in accordance with Client needs and requests

Online Ad Monitoring

Web-scraping software is used to identify advertisements appearing on the various web pages. Sometimes, the automated process identifies an advertisement as new due to varying sizes or orientations. Data-Core’s business process function is to isolate an advertisement that has been identified and trigger a search against an archived database, map its attributes from an existing duplicate advertisement or mark it as new. If the advertisement is new, as most of them are, the ad is moved to the next step, the attribution process, where attributes such as Primary Advertiser, Co-op Partner, Competitor, Headline, a brief Advertisement Description, Celebrities and a Tag Line are all captured.

Print Media

Scanned pages of Newspapers and Magazines are accessed from a secure database. The mapping process with data from an archived database is done to eliminate duplicate advertisements. Advertisements are identified based on specific guidelines, and attributes are added, similar to online advertisements. The client is able to identify any new advertisement appearing in a publication throughout the U.S. within a few days of the availability of the publication.

Radio Broadcasting Monitoring

In this kind of processing, broadcast material goes through the following steps:

  • Determine if advertisements are new by the “Mapping” process.
  • Complete the attribution process as described above for all new advertisements.

Multilingual capability

In today’s data-driven world, your media intelligence service partner makes all the difference. We provide a balance of flexible and affordable, sophisticated, automated and cloud based Media Intelligence features that improve quality & cost for our clients.

Automated Processes

RUZIVO is an automated platform developed by Data-Core. Data-Core Systems’ Media Intelligence (MI) practice has been in the media space for over a decade. The MI Practice develops & produces data to selected customers who provide intelligence on media consumption, performance & value to advertisers.

In order to learn more about our MI platform, please visit RUZIVO website.

Treat your data like you would a party guest. Assess them first, make sure they are reliable and make sure they don’t contain any unnecessary information that may clutter your dashboard.

Quality Review & Analytics

Data-Core is laser focused on maintaining a superb level of accuracy. The Quality Review process is manual and can be done at any percentage, dependent on the clients’ requirements.

After the data has gone through the Quality Review process, all information is brought together and the client has the ability to run custom reports. With clear, powerful dashboards, the information is easily interpreted and presented.

The steps of our Quality Review & Analytics Process includes:

  • Review of initial processes is run
  • Classifications are verified
  • Ad attributes are validated
  • Data is brought together
  • Client has the power to generate custom reports


  • RUZIVO is an automated platform developed by Data-Core. Data-Core Systems’ Media Intelligence (MI) practice has been in the media space for over a decade.