NIMBUS - Medical Claim Data Management System

Complete Cloud Solution for today and tomorrow Efficient and cost effective

NIMBUS is Data-Core’s cloud-based, medical claim data capture and tracking system.Created for Medicare and Medicaid claims processing on the payer side, NIMBUSis fully customizable and safeguards against operator errors.

The NIMBUS Story

Data-Core developed the NIMBUS software system to better serve clients experiencing limitation with their legacy systems.In these systems, licensing and upgrade options were expensive and also limited in features, so Data-Core was asked to step in. Thus, the running start of NIMBUS.



When we created NIMBUS, we focused on building a system that enhance user experience, automation tools and reduced limitations compared to all existing legacy systems.We added features such as automated loaders scripts to ease the task of file transfer. Process constrains and validations were also incorporated to ensure seem less workflow and faster processing.

Additionally, automated batch define, operator assignment,review and rejection queue are some of the salient features of this product. Real time process administration, claim status tracking and customized report generation and analytics are important features of NIMBUS.As a security measure, NIMBUS allows the client to choose the access level of each user to decide which features the user can access and control.

NIMBUS can be stand-alone or integrated with a legacy system or a cloud-based system. Making use of cloud-based technology, users can have secure access to the system remotely. It also provides site redundancy. NIMBUS users receive 24/7server and application support plus training.


Major Benefits of NIMBUS:

  • Lower licensing fees
  • Highly customizable workflow
  • Customized for any claim type
  • Ability to integrate multiple sites
  • Providers can connect to system
  • Cloud-based software for remote access
  • Works with legacy systems
  • Major reduction in system down time
  • 24/7 server and application support
  • Backup sites
  • Security features imposed by customize levels of user access
  • Automatic output process
  • Custom reports
    • Verification
    • Operator Performance
    • Summary
    • Inventory
  • User-friendly application
  • Minimal restrictions
  • Claim types include medical, dental, home health, transport and more
  • Fully hosted or self-hosted
  • Professional support & training