Data-Core Systems' global workforce offers state-of-the art information technology services and business process services. We pride ourselves on close client relationships and the option of custom work at various price points to deliver an esteemed level of customer satisfaction. Our practice groups include Healthcare, Media Intelligence, IT Projects and Publishing.

Advanced Analytics & Data Science

Our analytics and data warehousing offerings will enable you to realize your current and future information needs by helping you build a future-ready business intelligence platform.

Automated Testing

If you haven’t already…time to make the switch from manual to Automated Testing. Why Automate Your Testing? Reduce test cycle times and test a broader scope. Achieve accelerated results & increase comprehensiveness, while reducing human error.

Application Services

Data-Core’s development and implementation teams offer practical, efficient and cost-effective practices that enable business change


Our cloud-based services provide you with the adaptive technology and capabilities needed to establish a cloud solution for your business.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Our teams of domain experts, architects and quality black belts understand the nuances of respective industries and provide practical solutions.

Business Process Service

We address your business challenges by leveraging your existing process to offer solutions that significantly optimize your business needs.