“A Diamond in the Rough”

We came to Data-Core expecting them to be a business process outsource partner with domain expertise in data visualization, as well as expertise in our dashboard software technology. As it turns out, they have been much more than a service provider taking a keen interest in what we are doing and as a result they have become a development partner assisting us not only on dashboard design and development, but also helped us restructure our database (implementing OLAP), and they are now supporting us on some of our analytical and machine learning capabilities. Data-Core is a diamond in the rough among a crowded landscape of BPOs.

– Peter Wright, Co-Founder, Intro-act

“Key Members of Our Technology Team”

Data-Core has been a trusted collaborator with CDI for nearly a decade. We value their quality deliverables for both development and testing services and we view them as key members of our technology team.

– John P. Freund, Director of Application Development and Support, CDI Corporation

“Proven to be a Great Partner”

Data-Core Systems has proven to be a great partner when it comes to handling end-to-end BI or smaller data analytics project implementations using Dundas BI. Their large team of proficient consultants have been able to quickly respond to the needs of different projects in a cost-efficient manner, which is key for the majority of businesses seeking consulting services. Seeing the results of their developments, we don’t hesitate recommending their services to customers both in the India and US markets.

– Jeff Hainsworth, Partner Enablement, Dundas Data Visualization

“Superiority in Value Proposition”

It would be fair to say that few companies could be as demanding as Envision Physician Services concerning both quality and cost—you (Data-Core) would know that firsthand!–yet your group always exceeds our expectations and has been a long time partner in our industry, which speaks to your superiority in the value proposition.

– Greg Hufstetler, Vice President Reimbursement & Regulatory Affairs, Envision Physician Services