Data-Core Systems’ AutoML platform, powered by Microsoft Azure, aggregates machine learning models to reduce risk in predictions

Data-Core Systems’ suite of automated interfaces makes machine learning affordable and timely while increasing accuracy and keeping data safe in Microsoft Azure.


Auto ML

New Age Automation

New Age Automation

Automate what you can, so your workforce focuses on areas that require human attention.

Risk-based Automation ROI Assessments prioritize your automation investments, so you can see tangible results.


Data Wrangling

Data-Wrangling is the less glamorous counterpart of Machine Learning & Business Intelligence. The key to remember is that data preparation is necessary for your analytics, predictive or otherwise, to be accurate.

Don’t neglect your data. Call us today to discuss.


Data Wrangling


Blockchain’s uses are still being figured out. What we are sure of is digital ledgers are here to stay. The benefits of this latest applied science are insurmountable.


Blockchain, at the core, is a transparent public logbook. Data-Core has created an approach in which we engage deeply with our potential clients to deliver a detailed Proof of Concept.

Pondering if Blockchain is a fit for your project? Talk to us. We can’t wait to see where blockchain takes all of us.



Data Science helps you to find patterns in your data. Data-Core’s Advanced Analytics & Data Science services bring ideal and realistic solutions to complex business problems using the latest in data science techniques.

Digital information provides an opportunity to every organization, big or small, to take advantage of advanced analytics and create new revenue streams.

At Data-Core, we help organizations to generate, manage and propagate data for all processes and applications.

Our core strength is in building abstract models based on real-life business problems and data-driven, cost-effective, intuitive solutions. Our data management services are compatible with regulatory framework.




Data-Core Systems' global workforce offers state-of-the art information technology services and business process outsourcing services. We pride ourselves on close client relationships and the option of custom work at various price points to deliver an esteemed level of customer satisfaction.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Data-Core provides easy-to-use solutions for complex business challenges. We provide smart business solutions that blend process improvements with technology solutions.


Our teams of domain experts, architects and quality black belts understand the nuances of respective industries and provide practical solutions. We use our library of pre-configured solutions and our bespoke archive for quicker solutions.

We are masters of all well-known ERP systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft, SAP and Oracle. If OTS software does not fit your needs, we will build a modular solution using pieces of OTS software and custom solutions when needed. We connect all modules using middleware, ensuring seamless communication across platforms.



Our Startup Program allows ideas to be become a reality. Startups come with the value innovation. We bring the value of execution.

Learn more about our special pricing for Expert IT Solutions for Startups.




At Data-Core we have always strived to be the quintessential ‘one-stop shop’ for technology solutions and services. Over the years we have acquired expertise across various industries and sectors, which has allowed us to tackle a variety of complex business challenges.


Data-Core’s e-PIS can help ports streamline their operations themselves and ensure growth.



Data-Core's hospital management system integrates all resources of a hospital into one efficient system.



Data-Core's Media Intelligence platform automates media monitoring processes.


Data-Core Healthcare

We combine technology innovation, business process expertise and a global, collaborative workforce that exemplifies the future of work.

For over 30 years, Data-Core has built its reputation on the timeliness, cost efficiency and quality of its services.

In our Healthcare Practice, we face the challenges in Healthcare “head-on”, to arrive at a Solution that allows Healthcare organizations to remain effective and agile in the midst of a chaotic landscape.

Our Solution hinges on the three pillars of People, Process, and Technology.